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  • Is your sea glass real?
    Yes, all the sea glass I use is found by me, on the beaches nearby. I most regularly visit Sidmouth beach, and Charmouth beach, and my collections are labelled accordingly, so you can buy your jewellery from the area you wish. Real sea glass has 'c' like markings, which are impossible to replicated in a tumbler. If your sea glass looks too perfect to be true, chances are it is!
  • Will my sea glass jewellery look perfect?
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sea glass is naturally imperfect, and no two pieces are the same. Some have scratches, some have bubbles, and some are clearly broken in shape. This can be seen in the product imagery, and if there is anything that particularly stands out on an item, I will make sure to mention it.
  • Is your jewellery sterling silver?
    Yes, all our jewellery is 925 sterling silver. This includes the wire wraps, bales, beads and chains.
  • Is your macrame cord eco-friendly?
    Yes, we use Retwisst cord, which is 100% recycled. We think this cord also offers a bohemian look and feel.
  • Where's your driftwood from?
    All our driftwood is found on the beaches nearby, along the Jurassic Coast. We don't change anything about them, just let them dry, and then use them. After a good storm, we can usually find some amazing items, including driftwood, metal, glass and of course the usual plastic rubbish.
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